Gluten free ready to eat healthy gourmet frozen meals are now available in SA.

"Home-meal replacement is not a luxury today - it's a necessity. People don't want to take the time to cook; they have too many other things to do. People want high-quality pre-packaged foods...to make life easier." 

We proudly bring you a range of healthy, ready to eat meals which are not only gluten and preservative free but at the same time are so delicious and tasty.

We do understand the need for convenience with work, kids, extracurricular activities....One doesn’t have the time to go home and cook.

Whether this is a regular occurrence or a once off situation, you need a healthy and convenient meal.

What's even more difficult is not being able to go out and buy convenient meals with a gluten/wheat intolerance as most of your choices are loaded with preservatives and processed ingredients that are simply bad for you.

We now bring you the healthy alternative which has been developed with YOU in mind as we have put an end to this natures nightmare by excluding it completely from our menu.

We have launched a range of meals to overcome this huge problem in South Africa not only for people with known Gluten intolerance but for everyone who is health conscious and wants to experience the tastes of home like dining on the go.

Over the last few months, we have worked closely with registered Dietitians and have formed low Gi, Low fat, Gluten-free, non GMO, dairy free, (except for Basil Penne that contains a sprinkle of parmesan)/soy free/readymade freezer meals.

No added preservatives or additives, colorants or enhancers.

These meals are especially created for those overworked mothers and wives who can now offer restaurant quality gourmet meals in a jiffy having the comfort that the meals are not only delicious, but nutritionally sound and wholesome.

On our menu we have Gluten Free Spaghetti Bolognaise, Cottage pie and Basil Penne. More meals are currently being developed to cater for all tastes.

Only natural healthy ingredients handmade with love in our state of the art kitchen.

Cottage pie: The topping is made of sweet potato mash, which is low GI. The delicious rich beef mince is made with lean beef mince, an array of herbs and spices baked to perfection.

Spaghetti bolognaise:  Gluten free spaghetti topped with a robust meaty mince and lentil ragu. The pasta is made of corn and certified low GI. The protein in the lentils contribute to the slow release of energy into the system.

 Basil Penne:  Fresh gluten free penne pasta with home made basil pesto with slow roasted cherry tomatoes and topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

All our meals are Preservative and  Additive free.

Warning: This meal is good for your Health!

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