GF Diet for children

We are all aware that a healthy diet affects children's mood and performance at school and that the dietary habits of children can impact their energy level, mood and academic performance.

One of the roles of the gastrointestinal system is to act as the “first-line of defense” for our immune systems. When the “gut” is weakened, it cannot properly perform this duty, which leads to other physiological and biochemical disturbances. By healing the gut, we begin to heal the body.

Gluten is the protein in wheat, as well as other grains including rye, barley, spelt, kamut, and commercial oats, and casein is the protein in dairy.

The foods and substances that children eat directly impact what happens in their brain—and parents’ food choices can have a direct affect. These GF basics can help you get started with this important dietary approach.

With a little practice and familiarity, GF can easily become a regular part of your family’s health and healing program as these proteins have been found to be problematic for many children on the spectrum, eating foods containing them can affect their body’s physical and cognitive functions.

Eliminating those foods (and ingredients containing these food proteins) from your child’s diet can help improve many symptoms and can help children feel and learn better by reducing inattentiveness and hyperactivity, improving speech and language, decreasing digestive disturbances, and much more.

Over the years a poor diet can be linked directly to known "brain killers" such as heart attack and stroke, as well as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and inflammation, all of which can have a negative impact on brain function and performance.

The brain is a highly active organ that needs a lot of blood, a lot of oxygen and a lot of nutrients and we all know the importance of maintaining a good weight

We provide healthy gourmet meals frozen meals to selective Corporate Companies but would like to offer these gourmet frozen meals to school tuck shops/canteens for children with a gluten intolerance and also for children and parents who simply wants a healthy gourmet meal.

These meals are especially created for those overworked mothers and wives who can now offer restaurant quality gourmet meals in a jiffy having the comfort that the meals are not only delicious, but nutritionally sound and wholesome.

Only natural healthy ingredients handmade with love in our state of the art kitchen.


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