Gluten Free List

Low GI list (GI < 55)

Ideal before exercise and when you are inactive, i.e. most of the time.

  • Dairy


Buttermilk, low fat

Low fat and fat free milk (plain and flavoured)


Low fat and fat free (unsweetened and sweetened - cooled) e.g. Ultramel Lite and home made with Birds or Moirs custard powder, sweetener or sugar and low fat or fat free milk


Low fat and fat free (plain and sweetened)

Ice cream (read labels)

Low fat and fat free (unsweetened and sweetened) 

  • Cereals and porridges


Bokomo Pronutro original (wheat free) with low fat milk


Cooled mealie meal porridge

Future Life porridge

Sorghum with added acid (lemon juice or vinegar)

Soya Life porridge

SPP Insta-meal

  • Starches

Breads and bread products

Chapati (roti) – at least half legume flour e.g. chickpea flour

Corn tortillas

Dense, heavy loaves, preferably made with half  legume flour and containing added whole amaranth, buckwheat, corn rice, mesquite or quinoa and/or bran e.g. psyllium husks, quinoa bran or rice bran

Wraps - at least half legume flour


Poppadoms (at least half legume flour and not deep fried)

Flours and brans

All legume flours, including pea flour (chana), lupin flour, mungbean flour, soya flour, split pea flour (dhal) and chickpea flour (besan)

Mesquite flour

Quinoa bran

Psyllium husks

Rice bran

Pasta (all pastas containing legume flour e.g. soya, pea [chana], split pea [dhal], lentil, chickpea [besan], mung bean or lupin flour) preferably as one of the first three ingredients.

Gnocchi (potato, rice or maize with added vegetables) (read labels)

Shogun Chinese vermicelli mung bean noodles (made from mung bean flour)

Soba noodles (buckwheat flour and seaweed)


Baked beans

All dry beans, peas, split peas, mashed split peas (dhal), lentils, ground lentils (urad/urid/urd), split lentils and chickpeas (garbanzo beans), lupin beans and mung beans, cooked or canned, as well as bean sprouts (alfalfa)

Rice and other cooked starches



Buckwheat, dehusked or toasted (Kasha)

Cassava (manioc)

Cooled mealie meal, mealie rice and samp

Corn on the cob

Corn rice (whole sorghum)



Spekko Americana rice, long grain, parboiled

Spekko Basmati rice, white

Spekko brown rice

Spekko white rice, long grain, parboiled

Sushi (containing seaweed)

Tastic Nature’s white rice

Tastic Nature’s brown rice (formerly known Old Mill Stream rice)

Sweet corn, fresh

Sweet potato (purple skin)

Whole corn, canned and frozen

Wild rice

  • Fruit


Grapefruit, naartjies, oranges, lemons, limes, etc.

Deciduous and berries

Apples, cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, plums, strawberries and other berries

Other fruit

Prickly pears, figs, kiwi, grapes (control portions), guavas, mango (control portions), pomegranate, quince and rhubarb

Canned fruit

All of the above in fruit juice

Pie apples (unsweetened)

Dried fruit

All of the above

Safari sugar free fruit flakes

Fruit bars

Safari Just Fruit bars

Montagu mixed dried fruit bar

Dried fruit rolls

Safari apricot, guava, mango and berry (sugar free)

Fruit juice

Watch portion sizes! Only 125 ml at a time.

130+ Fruit juice

Apple juice and Appletiser

Ceres Cloudy Apple and Pear, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Secrets of the Valley

Ceres Plus Carrot and Pawpaw, Cranberry and Rooibos

Fresh grapefruit juice and fresh orange juice

Lemon juice

Liquifruit Mango and Orange, Peach and Orange


Qualilite fruit juices

The Juice Factory juices

Tomato juice

  • Vegetables

Most cooked and raw vegetables, including butternut (except those that are intermediate or high GI)

  • Sugars and snacks


All artificial sweeteners

Infinite Life low GI sugar

Fructose (not advised to be added to food or drinks)



Isomaltulose (Palatinose)











Home-made low fat popcorn


Instant pudding made with low fat milk

Just Popcorn

Popcorn Affair, lightly salted

Pouyoukas popcorn

Sweets (boiled and jelly type), sweetened with the above low GI sugars

Yotti’s low GI Turkish delight

Jams and syrups

Agave nectar

Thistlewood low GI jams and compotes

Naturlite fruit spreads

  • Drinks

Bmax Tone-a-Lean

Brookes Lo-Cal cordial and other artificially sweetened cordials and cold drinks

Dairy Blend, dairy fruit juice blend

Diabetic Plus mini meal replacement

Diabetorange squash

Energade Champs


Glucema SR

Iced tea lite

Infinite Life Belgian hot chocolate in low fat milk/fat free milk

Infinite Life energy drink, all flavours

Infinite Life kids’ flavoured milk, in low fat/fat free milk

Infinite Life milk modifier

Infinite Life milkshake, all flavours, in low fat/fat free milk

Infinite Life slimmers’ hot chocolate in low fat/fat free milk

Infinite Life slimmers’ hot chocolate, white, in low fat/fat free milk

Junglevite juice

Mageu Number 1

Mineral water, flavoured, lite

Mnandi Amahewu

Nativa Replace diabetic shake

Nativa Replace soya shake

Nesquick in low fat/fat free milk

Nomu sugar free hot chocolate


Nutren Diabetes/fibre

Nutri Ice Tea

Nutri Shake, vanilla and chocolate

Soya Life drink

Soya milk and yoghurt, low fat (read labels)

Soya milk powder, low fat

SPP Insta-drink


Tropika da Lite


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