Harissa hummus



 1 can chickpeas

1/4cupolive oil

1Tbsharissa paste

8 caraway seeds

salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1Tbsfreshly squeezed lemon juice


 Drain the chickpeas and pulp them to a fine paste in a pestle and mortar or blender. Add half the olive oil and the harissa paste.Grind the caraway seeds with some salt and pepper into a fine dust, and then add to the chickpea paste. Now add the lemon juice and remaining olive oil. Mix thoroughly and serve.

Tip: For a more authentic taste, substitute 1 Tbsp ground cumin for the harissa. You can even add a little sugar to help sweeten the Mediterranean flavours.

If you want to play around with something other than chickpeas, try this recipe with various types of canned beans or canned or soaked lentils. I usually have hummus on toast or crackers, or use it as a dip for carrot and cucumber sticks.

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